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Dongwha A.C.M. is optimized for the CATIA V5 (R21) environment which recently becomes settled as the basic tool of aircraft design.

Customer satisfaction is accomplished through the reflection of quality and product excellence with the basis of experience and know-how accumulated during the development of aircraft tooling for producing part and assembly of numerous airframe up to present.

This cannot be realized unless the designer's capability and design environment to realize the characteristics of various types of aircraft tooling and flexible response can adequately be conducted to the manufacturing environment which requires urgent action.

Dongwha A.C.M. has 7 design engineers who possess this kind of experiences and maintains cooperative relationship with other design engineers who can additionally be utilized in accordance with the circumstances.

In addition, requirement of AS9100 Rev.C and the DPD management system which has internally been established by Dongwha A.C.M. allow safe and systematic maintenance of engineering data under the current digital environment.

The tooling designed by CATIA V5 is supposed to have final inspection through CMM after manufacturing. Donghwa A.C.M. possesses 2 units of CMM, one unit of the two is large type (6.5m x 2.8m x 1.8m) with which manufacturing of large tooling can be carried out.