Customer : KAI


Program Overview

KUH (Korean Utility Helicopter) a Korean type helicopter which is called Surion as a nickname and it is the first domestic helicopter developed in Korea by KAI.

Dongwha A.C.M. cooperated with KAI from the development stage in various ways for the manufacturing of the airframe structure, and most precious of all, the mould for producing Main Rotor Blade was developed.

The mould constituted with upper and lower pattern is manufactured with SS400 steel and its length and width are reached to 7,300mm and 800mm respectively.

Main manufacturing process is comprised of steel forging, 5 axis NC machining, surface polishing and so forth. Manufacturing requirements are very severe compared to its length, it is almost impossible without many years experience and know-how that to maintain the tolerence of curvature within 짹0.05mm during 5 axis NC machining, to control the metal deformation to keep no gap condition between upper and lower mould and to measure the accuracy.

Development of this mould is the first one of this kind in this country, and with this, Dongwha A.C.M. can take a unique position for the development of the product similar to this in the future, and with the basis of this technology, opening up a soverseas market will be realizable.