> introduce > B787 Sec.48 Lay-up Mould(LM)

Customer : Korean Air


Program Overview

B787 Dreamliner is the latest passenger plane developed by Boeing of USA since 2004 in order to compete with A380 of Airbus, and achieved more than 20% of fuel efficiency through the manufacturing of more than 50% of main frame structure including fuselage and wings with CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics).

Rear fuselage (Sec. 48, another name Tail cone) is included in the 6 structures which are to be manufactured by Korean Air as they participate in the international collaboration development project of this passenger plane.

The mould manufactured and delivered to Korean Air by Dongwha A.C.M. will be used for conducting the stacking work by settling down at AFP (Automatic Fiber Placement) which automatically winds band-shaped CFRP and curing for final forming at autoclave in order to produce an one-piece type tailcone.

Nickel alloy Invar 36 which is the raw material of this mould is preferred as the material for tooling owing to its low thermal expansion coefficient, however, its machining and welding are rather complicated, therefore, accumulated experience, technology and fine workmanship are required.

Especially, the mould for producing an one-piece type tailcone which is manufactured by Dongwha A.C.M. can be called the first one of the world as the large size Invar 36 mould since its diameter and length are 3,150mm and 5,400mm respectively.

As the production rate of B787 is increased, so the necessity of additional mould will be raised, therefore, additional ordering from Korean Air is also anticipated.