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The enterprise for which customer and quality are the priority!!

Since the establishment, Donghwa A.C.M. has always been challenging to the new possibilities by standing against change and crisis of rapidly changing market.

With the superb technical capability and pride as a specialized manufacturer in aircraft's composite tooling, and with the belief of always realizing the best, Donghwa A.C.M. is being created with innovative organization by promoting decisive reform for traditional practices and strengthening ethical management, and we are endeavoring to realize customer satisfaction for our products.

All our staffs are bringing up the dream by challenging, creating high level of outcome, and sustaining solid growth with an earnest desire to be the best enterprise in the world from the main business sections through the system management in addition to the creativity. The challenge for existence and prosperity under the managerial environment which is changing is the destiny of enterprise.

We promise that Donghwa A.C.M will be created as an enterprise which has been prepared for the future, as a customer-oriented enterprise and as a pro-environmental enterprise which is serious for social responsibility.

Your objective encouragement, attention and support will truely be appreciated.

Thank you.